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The finish line is in sight. Your content has been digitised and carefully restored. It’s everything you hoped it would be. The image is clean and your content is ready to go. Job done.


Or is it?


Well, not quite. There is one final hurdle to overcome - how do you ensure that your prized digital content arrives safely and securely?

The answer is secure media transfer.


ITV offers a secure file and tape archive delivery and acceleration service, using leading media shuttle and point-to-point technology from Aspera and Signiant.


Aspera and Signiant offer an effective solution for sending and sharing large amounts of content. The files are simply uploaded to a secure online portal, ready to be downloaded by the customer. It’s that simple.


Size isn't an issue - whether it's one large file, or a number of smaller files, the transfer process retains its speed and efficiency. The result is an accelerated transfer that is up to 200 times faster than traditional file transfer technologies such as FTP and HTTP.

Furthermore, secure encryption and endpoint authentication ensures that your files are tracked and transferred securely, and only users that have been authorised can access the files.


Whether you're a broadcaster, a production company, or you just need your files quickly, ITV’s secure file and tape archive delivery and acceleration service provides a fast and secure solution for transferring large files over long distances.

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